Norway, One of the world’s most beautiful countries, Norway has long been a popular cruising destination, famed for its stunning fjords. Formed during the last ice age’s meltdown when the inland valleys carved by huge glaciers filled with seawater, fjords are undoubtedly Norway’s top attractions—they shape the country’s unique landscape and never fail to take your breath away. Norway is ranked 9th on the Global Peace Index – so you’re pretty safe here. With 21 national parks and iconic fjords pretty enough to break your camera lens, there’s no doubt you’ll manage to find peace and quiet here in Norway.


Finland, Finland is such a beautiful country with so much diversity, from the winter wonderland that is Lapland, through to the rich autumn colours to be found in Savonlinna, close to the border of Russia. Finland is great for adventurous solo travellers and incredibly safe for foreigners. If you like majestic open spaces, fine architecture, and courteous locals, Finland is for you. Mother Nature dictates life in this Nordic land, where winter brings perpetual darkness, and summer, perpetual light. Crystal clear streams run through vast forests lighted by the midnight sun, and reindeer roam free. Even the arts mimic nature: witness the music of Jean Sibelius, Finland’s most famous son, which can swing from a somber nocturne of midwinter darkness to the tremolo of sunlight slanting through pine and birch, or from the crescendo of a blazing sunset to the pianissimo of the next day’s dawn. The architecture of Alvar Aalto and the Saarinens—Eliel and son Eero, visible in many U.S. cities, also bespeaks the Finnish affinity with nature, with soaring spaces evocative of Finland’s moss-floored forests.


Canada, Safe, scenic, and home to some of the best winter scenery you can feast your eyes on. Whether you’re a hardcore adrenaline junkie, a wildlife enthusiast or a city slicker looking for cutting-edge culture, Canada ticks all the boxes. The world’s second largest country racks up an astonishing diversity of landscapes; vast prairies rise abruptly to glacier-topped mountains; rugged, unspoiled coastlines give way to immense forests and emerald lakes; and Arctic waters lap upon frozen tundra. Incredibly, this wilderness is also home to cosmopolitan cities, quirky towns and remote indigenous settlements.


Costa Rica, If there’s one thing for sure, it’s that you’ll spend a great deal of your time outdoors exploring, enjoying the scenery, soaking up the sun, and getting back in touch with nature. Think zip lines, hot springs, hiking, kayaking… just to name a few. This is also one of (if not the most) safest countries to visit in Central America, filled with expats and wandering souls. Costa Rica has it all: nowhere else can you gaze upon an active volcano while soaking in a hot spring one day, hike deep into a rain forest the next, and end your trip learning to surf at a luxurious seaside resort. Miles of pristine beaches on the Pacific and Caribbean coasts, fabulous national parks with plentiful opportunities for wildlife viewing, and world-renowned eco-lodges have made this one of the hottest destinations around. The welcoming people of Costa Rica, and their mellow pura vida lifestyle, add warmth to every visit.


Thailand, conjures images of white sand beaches and cerulean waters, peaceful temples, and lush mountain jungles. In Bangkok, a 21st-century playground, the scent of spicy street food fills the air, and the Grand Palace recalls the country’s traditions. Outside the capital, the wonders of the countryside enchant, whether you are elephant trekking in the northern hills, exploring Ayutthaya’s splendid ruins, or diving in the waters of the idyllic southern coast. The unique spirit of the Thai people—this is the “land of smiles,” after all—adds warmth to any visit. Known to most as the ‘land of smiles’, Thailand has been dubbed to have the happiest people in the world residing there. It’s impossible not to love Thailand. The beaches, outdoor adventures, FOOD, oh the food… You will also find many solo travellers in Thailand so it’s a great choice if you want to meet new people and make friends on the road.


Chile, You’re never far from the ocean in Chile, a sliver of land squeezed between the Andes and the Pacific. But this is not solely a beach destination—the country encompasses a bone-dry desert, sprawling glaciers, and snow-covered volcanoes that perpetually smolder. The variety of attractions here, from the city of Santiago to first-rate vineyards, sprawling ranches, mysterious geoglyphs, and glittery resorts by the sea, will satisfy any type of traveler. Chile on the list!? This might come as a surprise to you, but after travelling throughout Chile this year I must say it has been one of the best countries to travel solo in. There’s a great range of diversity from Patagonia through to the Atacama desert, all the way to Easter Island if you REALLY want to get off the grid.


Australia, A vast island continent, Australia teems with natural and cultural treasures. Relax on gorgeous beaches along the sprawling coastline, or plunge below the water in Queensland to explore the Great Barrier Reef. Nature enthusiasts revel in exciting adventures in the interior, from trekking around majestic Uluru to spotting wildlife in tropical rain forests. But there’s more to life down under than outdoor activities. Cosmopolitan cities like Sydney and Melbourne entice with thriving dining and arts scenes, while world-class vineyards abound. As one of the safest countries to travel to but also home to some of the world’s deadliest animals… Australia is an adventure like no other. It’s also a great choice for English speakers as you won’t have to deal with a language barrier, and the people are very laid back/down to earth.


Fiji, From the moment you set eyes on Fiji through cabin-pressured windows, the country promises to be more than just another pretty beach. The main island’s mountainous, un-ignorable green landscape seems to rise to meet you, a reflection of the extraordinary hospitality of its people. Among its 333 islands are rain forests and sparkling cobalt-and-white shores. Resorts of every size and caliber comprise the sumptuous playground of sun worshippers, spa-goers, water-sports enthusiasts, golfers, foodies, and most everyone in between. Were there a vacation fairy, you can imagine she’d sprinkle Yasawa Islands sand in place of fairy dust. You might be tempted to believe that somewhere as beautiful and scenic as Fiji would be expensive for travellers, particularly solo travellers, however that is surprisingly not the case. Fiji is great choice for backpackers on a budget looking to enjoy the island life.


Scotland, has astonishing variety, even within a small area. North Sea to Irish Sea, Highlands to Lowlands, the landscapes of Scotland—lush woodlands, windswept moors, lochs as deep as the imagination—may take your breath away. Edinburgh is a gloriously dignified city; Glasgow, a Victorian powerhouse. An excursion to St. Andrews is a pilgrimage for golf aficionados and numerous castles polka-dot the northeast. Its local products, customs, music, and traditional dress—from tartans and bagpipes to tweeds—travel all over the globe, but there’s nothing like experiencing them firsthand. Rough, rugged and some of the world’s most stunning scenery – Scotland is a great adventure for the solo traveller. Be sure to check out Edinburgh for a few days before you head to the Scottish Highlands to get off the grid – think James Bond scenery without the blowing up of houses.


Ireland, It’s a Celtic mystery: how can a country as small as Ireland be packed with so much majestic history, natural beauty, vibrant culture, and, of course, fun? Norman castles overlook wild, empty beaches, Georgian country houses host impromptu traditional music sessions, excited theatergoers spill out into bustling Dublin pubs. Drama and spectacle lie at every turn, with a pint of Guinness to toast it all. But the real Irish secret is the people: their unique blend of warmth, humor, and irreverence will ensure your trip to the Emerald Isle is a true adventure. Ireland has been ranked the 11th most safe country in the world, so if safety is your concern there’s no issues here. It’s as cliche as you imagined – green, rains a lot, lots of open space. The perfect blend for an Irish road trip to wander at your own pace and experience some of the world’s most underrated scenery. Don’t know where to start? try 8 places you must visit in Ireland.


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